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New videos to support GPRG co-authored LNAPL handbook


A series of videos has been produced by the team of authors responsible for the highly popular LNAPL handbook, to support the learning and dissemination of this ground-breaking publication. The videos outline the content of each chapter in the handbook, providing a concise overview of the main features and key messages in each. The handbook, funded by Shell Global Solutions, was prepared by Steve Thornton with an international team of scientists and engineers from Canada and the UK, and was published in December 2014 by CL:AIRE. It provides technical guidance on the subsurface behaviour of light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) and is intended to be a concise best-practice tool for use in discussions and negotiations regarding LNAPL-impacted sites.

The LNAPL illustrated handbook can be downloaded free at The videos for each chapter can be viewed and downloaded free at